Flow Protection

Measures to ensure minimum continuous springflows and a workable plan for long-term protection of our water resource

Use of SAWS Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR)

The Edwards Aquifer Authority is currently offering 1-year ($120), 5-year ($140), and 10-year ($160) leases for unrestricted water. If you are interested in leasing your water through the ASR program, please contact Rick Illgner at the EAA at  (210) 222-2204. Thank you.

See ASR Leasing website at asrleasingprogram.com.

Template ASR Lease Agreement

Edwards Aquifer Habitat Conservation Plan Program Interlocal Contract between Edwards Aquifer Authority and the San Antonio Water System 

Approval of an Interlocal Contract between the Edwards Aquifer Authority and the San Antonio Water System for the use of the Twin Oaks Aquifer Storage and Recovery Project for contribution to springflow protection --  San Antonio Water System Board of Trustees, August 13, 2013.

ASR Regional Advisory Group
San Antonio Water System:
1. Darren Thompson
2. Robert Macias
3. Karen Guz
4. Parviz Chavol
Edwards Aquifer Authority: Roland Ruiz
Irrigated Ag: Rader Gilliland, alternate Adam Yablonski
Small Municipal Pumper: Bruce Alexander
Spring Cities: Roger Biggers, alternate Steve Ramsey
Environmental: Tyson Broad, alternate Cindy Loeffler
Industrial Pumper: Buck Benson, alternate Louisa Eclarinal
Downstream Interest: Todd Votteler, alternate Jerry James
Program Manager: Nathan Pence 


September 11, 2014

ASR Advisory - Agenda


ASR Advisory Group Third Quarter 2014

J17 Forecast

May 28, 2014

ASR Advisory- Agenda


March 25, 2014

ASR Advisory- Agenda

ASR Advisory- First Quarter 2014 Fixed-Issues

ASR Advisory- 2014 Edwards Aquifer Forecasts

December 12, 2013

December 12, 2013 SAWS ASR Advisory Group Agenda

Presentation: ASR Regional Advisory 2013 Summary and Update

Presentation:  ASR J17 Prediction

September 19, 2013

September 19, 2013 SAWS ASR Advisory Group Agenda

Presentation:  10 year Annaul Recharge

Presentation:  EAHCP Interlocal between SAWS and EAA fo the ASR Facility

Presentation:  Implementing the Contractually required forbearance:

April 12, 2013

April 12, 2013 SAWS ASR Advisory Group Agenda

Presentation by Anastasia Valdes 

Presentation by Roberto Macias

Work Plans

ASR 2013 Work Plan


In the summer of 2014 the Stakeholder Committee formed the ASR/VISPO Work Group to brainstorm possible options to acquire more water into both these programs. For meeting documents and the Final Report visit the Work Group's page.

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