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E. Conrad Lamon III, Ph.D.

Conrad Lamon is Manager and President of Statistical Ecology Associates, LLC. Dr. Lamon has over 30 years of experience planning and executing limnological studies to assess the physical, biological and chemical character of surface water sources of contamination and nutrient loading. Lamon has developed over 30 complex multidisciplinary scientific proposals, as a research scientist, assistant professor, post-doctoral researcher and graduate student who has worked with biologists, engineers, ecologists, hydrologists, economists and statisticians. Lamon’s work has led him to propose modifications to existing statistical modeling approaches, using Bayesian methods, in order to properly propagate uncertainty for use in decision-making related to water resources management. These proposals addressed prominent, large-scale water resources issues, including the eutrophication of Lake Okeechobee in South Florida, salmonid PCB contamination in the Great Lakes Basin, the development of nutrient criteria for lakes and reservoirs of the continental U.S., shrimp productivity in Louisiana estuaries, fecal coliform contamination of shellfish resource waters in Louisiana and North Carolina, ecological water quality impacts of Hurricane Katrina, Great Lakes surface elevation declines, and eutrophication in Finnish lakes.

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