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Mission & Goals

The goal of the HCP is to protect endangered species from harm during the most severe drought to the extent required by state and federal law.

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Covered Species

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) has designated eight species that live in the Edwards Aquifer, the San Marcos Springs, and the Comal Springs aquatic ecosystems as either threatened or endangered.

Click here to view the covered species

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Habitat Protection

Click Here to view all the Habitat Protection Measures of the Edwards Aquifer Habitat Conservation Plan

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Final Habitat Conservation Plan

Welcome to EAHCP

Nonroutine Adaptive Managment Process | The EAHCP has begun a Nonroutine Adaptive Management Process regarding the Sediment Removal and Impervious Cover/Water Quality Protection measures found in the EAHCP. This process is intending to use our public process and stakeholder involvement to ensure the proposed changes will achieve the end goal of better habitat protection for the Covered Species. Documents pertaining to this action are provided below:

Report 2 Implementation | Since release of the National Academy of Sciences' Review of the Edwards Aquifer Habitat Conservation Plan: Report 2 ("Report 2") in December last year, EAHCP has been engaged in an extensive public process to vet possible implementation of Report 2 recommendations. In 2017, the EAHCP held a workshop and a work group to support development of an implementation plan for consideration by the Implementing Committee. The resulting Report 2 Implementation Plan was finalized July 31 and will be reviewed by the Implementing Committee for possible adoption at its August 17, 2017 meeting.  

You can access the Implementation Plan and more below:

For more on Report 2 and the NAS Science Review Panel, visit:

EAHCP Steward | Click the image above to access the September-October 2017 edition of the EAHCP Steward. This bimonthly newsletter is intended to highlight efforts underway to protect our region's Comal and San Marcos Springs and ensure a healthy habitat for the threatened and endangered species.

  EAHCP Meeting Calendar | Third Quarter 2017

  • October 19th - Implementing Committee Meeting - GBRA Annex Building at 9 am
  • November 16th - Implementing Committee Meeting - City of New Braunfels City Hall at 9 am

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